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What is Trailer Park Engineering? It's a term of RESPECT, a term that defines CREATIVITY, it's a term meant to be HUMOROUS, but most of all it's a term that reminds us to be HUMBLE about our DIY skills! Because even the most simple task can quickly turn disastrous if you’re not careful.

When I was about 20 I had a job at a home improvement store. I worked in the plumbing department.

About once a week, someone would come in and begin to wander around the aisles scratching their head and carefully fitting several pieces of plumbing together.

Occasionally they would ask me for assistance, and I would discover in almost all the cases that these people came from the local trailer home Park. They would explain to me that most trailer homes are built using proprietary methods. This meant that you could only buy the repair parts from the manufacturer of the trailer home. Of course, as you can imagine, this meant big bucks as compared to off-the-shelf repair parts.

So this meant that each one of these poor suckers was here to try and fashion a repair on their own. They were constantly trying to make to parts that were meant fit together, fit together without spending what it would cost to buy the repair part.

In retrospect I've often wondered how successful they actually were but hindsight is 2020. I know now after years of experience working in manufacturing, owning a home, owning a long string of used cars, and now working in the IT field that this catharsis isn't easily reached. If you add the fact that most DIYers are extremely stubborn I imagine this fact was lost a lot of them and not just me.

However, for the sake of trailer park engineering, I discovered that many of them were actually very successful. They would walk out of the store with a knowing smile on their face secure in the fact that they beat the man!

At a young age I was also extremely antiestablishment and their successes impressed me. And that was the start of the respect that I started to build for DIYers in general.

There's another part of my personality that you have to understand. My grandfather was steelworker and a heckuva smart guy. The man actually built his own house, how many people do you know do that nowadays and this wasn't just some 2 x 4 home, this was a brick house! Yes, an ALL brick house!

Every time you walked into his house I was reminded of the wide range of skills it took to do such a task. He and my uncle did everything from the foundation to the drywall to the trim to the plumbing to the flooring even the carpet.

A Work In Progress...

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